Agility & Scrum

Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent. - Bill Gates

An agile mindset is becoming increasingly important across all areas of life. Many companies are asking themselves: Do we need to organize in squads or domains? Or would a few simple steps suffice? How can organizations become more agile - in the sense of faster, more flexible, more customer-oriented?

Agile Workshop

In a compact workshop, teams familiarize themselves with agile mindset, agile methods and Scrum principles.

How to Scrum Workshop (Short introduction to agility and Scrum using concrete project examples)

Agile Scrum Coaching

We accompany your team addressing a particular current issue during several sprints. Your team will internalize agile Scrum principles and methods and learn to apply them to future projects. They will formulate epics & user stories, act as Scrum Master or product owner and experience various formats such as daily Scrum, review & retrospective.

Do you need an interim Scrum Master?

Our NEOFAKTUR expert Elisabeth Fischer accompanies project teams as an interim Scrum Master.

Reference Project

How to scrum