Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. — Steve Jobs

Innovation - how does that work?! By providing room for free and creative thought, by generating ideas, by filtering out those with the greatest potential and finally, by implementing these in a structured manner.

The pandemic has allowed for and brought about new approaches. Today, innovation processes can be designed and conducted virtually, across continents and time zones, across cultural differences and language barriers in less time, but still interactively and creatively, focused and efficient.

We manage innovation processes with the necessary structure and clarity, so that ideas with potential can actually be implemented. An important learning: The idea generators are not necessarily the right implementers.

  • We set the stage for innovation: Selecting the right people, giving them the (virtual) space and methods for creativity, ultimately identifying and developing the strongest ideas.
  • We drive implementation: Translation of innovative ideas into time and milestone plans - with appropriate resources, OKRs, necessary responsibilities as well as deadlines. And should an idea not be as feasible as hoped, then we stop and start anew.
  • We support MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development: "Have you ever actually seen a customer?" We ensure customer-centric development through lead & matchmaking to potential pilot customers who will test your MVPs.

Our NEOFAKTUR expert for innovation: Vanessa Hensel

Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them. - Alfred North Whitehead