Start-up & Scale-up

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over. - Richard Branson


We love start-ups! Where else can one generate "hands-on" impact so quickly? We support start-ups during their founding phase as well as innovation hubs in large corporations. Our focus lies on storytelling (USP definition, vision, purpose & strategy including pitch decks), financials (cap table, business plan) and team set-ups including coaching.

Strategy development: Start-up positioning and targeted stakeholder communication - e.g. investor pitch deck and strategy & brand identity papers.

Lab coaching for disruptive innovation in large corporations: Team build-up & coaching, investment storyline & pitch deck, networking with development partners and investors as well as stakeholder communication within the parent corporation.


When start-ups mature into scale-ups, they face many new challenges. We offer targeted executive coaching, strategy development and rollout as well as storytelling accompanied by appropriate change and communication measures.

Executive Team Coaching: Prioritizing, Effectiveness and Transparency: What is important to whom? What should the team know about one another? How to work and communicate in a solution-oriented, fact-based and appreciative manner?

Executive Workshop: Strategy, quarterly results and goals, priorities for the next year and focus on togetherness.

Transformation Story: Setting up the corresponding strategy & change process with different formats and enabling sessions for C-Level and leadership teams.

Our NEOFAKTUR expert for start-ups and scale-ups: Julia von Dewitz

There are two mistakes one can make along the road - not going all the way or not starting. - Buddha