Strategy Cascade: Understand, Own & Execute


How to convey the corporate strategy so that all employees can own and deliver on it?


  1. Strategy definition process with focus on alignment within the executive team and subsequent linking to the company's and thereby employee's goals
  2. Development and moderation of a Strategy Summit (owned by the executive team) to anchor and operationalize the strategy across the management level: What does the strategy have to do with me and my area of responsibility?
  3. Enabling sessions & toolkits for the management level, so that each manager can conduct two strategy workshops with their own team:
    • What does the strategy mean for us? Have we understood and internalized it?
    • How do we implement the strategy? How do we measure our progress? How do we ensure alignment?
  4. Quarterly review sessions with management level to ensure alignment
  5. Throughout the Strategy Cascade: Sparring with individual executive team members to strengthen messaging and to create awareness


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