Energy Transition

We are the first generation to feel the climate change and the last generation who can do something about it. - Barack Obama

Energy transition - disruptive, complex and challenging. Existing systems - in politics and regulation, in energy production, distribution and storage, in companies, in households, in mobility - require rethinking. Energy transition is the topic of our time that can only be tackled together. More than ever, it is about making this topic understandable and connecting those who can really accelerate change.

We have familiarized ourselves with the complexity of the topic, are part of a strong network and understand as well as know what is most important when it comes to energy transition.

We moderate purpose, strategy and investment processes related to energy transition for associations, for political and scientific initiatives and for companies.

We support companies by making this complex topic understandable and anchoring it in their organization.

We connect those players who have no natural overlap and help to generate and implement common ideas and visions.

We connect companies, science, investors and politics together in effective formats to further energy transition in a focused manner.

Our NEOFAKTUR expert for energy transition: Vanessa Hensel

Let us face it, there is no planet B. - Emanuel Macron