Hybrid Leadership & Collaboration

Hybrid work is this incredible invitation to really get good at building inclusive cultures. - Shane Metcalfe

After the pandemic, business leaders around the world are facing the challenge of how to motivate their employees to come back into the office. Teams are searching for ways to master hybrid work. Simply put, these days, hybrid is on everyone's mind.

Team responsibility, personal responsibility and organization, motivation, trust and result-orientation are topics that need to be redefined for the hybrid way of working. Very pragmatically, questions regarding meeting structure and style, team communication and synchronization need to be addressed. Where can employees conduct work that requires utmost concentration and where should they go for creative project work?

We help managers and their teams to develop suitable frameworks and to identify methods and tools for their hybrid collaboration.

In addition to comprehensive project support, we offer workshops and focused keynote speeches:

Our NEOFAKTUR expert for all things hybrid: Elisabeth Fischer