New Work

Create the kind of workplace and company culture that will attract great talent. – Richard Branson

It no longer suffices for offices to be attractive. Today, they must offer work opportunities that match their employees activities and also reflect the corporate culture. New Work is more than desk sharing and remote work - it's about optimized (hybrid) collaboration and synchronization, about opportunities and sensitivities. Putting it simply - it's about change.

For a successful transition into New Work, it is essential that managers are involved from the very beginning - they must be role models. Furthermore, change agents act as ambassadors and multipliers. Relevant stakeholders such as the works council and IT should be involved from the beginning and throughout the process - when and where necessary. Right from the start, communication across all levels is essential - target group-specific and appropriate. Basic ground rules may sound stuffy, but are an absolute must for mastering the switch to New Work. What we've learned: every New Work project is unique.

We call this transformation process brand-new New Work. And that's what makes us successful: We have accompanied the introduction and implementation of New Work for more than 10 years - in large corporations, in medium-sized companies, in public administration as well as in scientific organizations. Our project scope ranges from small business units of 50 persons to mammoth projects with over 500 employees.

Our NEOFAKTUR expert for New Work: Julia von Dewitz