Better together - an empowered Executive Team


How to strengthen an executive team - that has grown during the pandemic - in order to align and deliver on the scale-up's strategy?


  1. Development of a 5-day Executive Team Workshop - all 8 team members in person in the same place for the first time ever (6 nationalities, 4 native languages, based in 5 countries across three continents)
  2. Getting to know each other, creating understanding, developing alignment and building trust: What is my background? What is important to me? What do our cultural differences mean for our collaboration?
  3. Review annual results and outlook on goals (including OKRs) for the coming year - across all areas including product, tech, sales, operations, finance & HR
  4. Synchronization and alignment of the individual strategies to reflect the overall strategy
  5. Collaboration as an executive team - meeting frequency, meeting etiquette and communication
  6. Development of a communication plan to convey the workshop results across the organization


Fintech Unicorn Scale-up