How to become a successful Spin-off: Investor Readiness & Company Building


As an incubator, how do we ensure that our ventures are attractive to investors - and become successful spin-offs?


  1. Co-creation of an “Investor Readiness Enabling Toolkit, Guide & Checklists” for early stage ventures in a corporate incubator
  2. Entrepreneurial investor readiness & fundraising training for early stage ventures: When to start? How to prepare? What to do when?
  3. Lead & matchmaking to potential pilot customers to test MVPs (Minimal Viable Product)
  4. Arranging of leads to investors and venture capitalists in the sense of "Build - Measure - Learn"
  5. Individual sparring with founding teams & CEOs
  6. Establishment of innovation communities from corporates and midcap companies with an interest in innovative Deep & Green Tech products


Corporate Incubator