What companies seek to define - the purpose of their purpose


How can employees recognize and define both meaning and purpose of their work thereby contributing to their company's success in a motivated and goal-oriented manner?


In a series of workshops - in a design thinking process - we reflect on the status quo, aim for reorientation - when required - and define core messages:

  1. Our company (WHY and USP) - what do we stand for? What sets us apart from others? What makes us persuasive?
  2. Our appearance internally and externally - company tonality, characteristics and attributes, benefits
  3. Setting a framework - what do we hope to achieve through our purpose? Competence, culture or cause?
  4. Purpose definition - development of our purpose
  5. Purpose rollout - transferring the newly defined purpose into internal and external communication for customer retention and acquisition as well as employee retention and employer branding


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