Founding Team

We have different backgrounds and bring a lot of experience to the table - both as consultants and as entrepreneurs. Our common denominators - high quality standards, teamwork, focus on co-creation, a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach, empathy and the ability to listen carefully and give honest answers - even when they are uncomfortable. We are NEOFAKTUR.

Elisabeth Fischer

Elisabeth Fischer has many years of international corporate and consulting experience. She has earned a reputation as a creative and motivating implementer. Her projects range from supporting innovation initiatives, introduction of New Work to coaching cross-functional teams. Elisabeth gives great importance to successful forms of collaboration. As an agile coach and expert in hybrid work and leadership, she supports managers and their teams in mastering current challenges in the working world.

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Julia von Dewitz

Julia von Dewitz is an experienced (ex-BCG) consultant with focus on strategy, innovation and transformation processes. She is convinced that companies are truly successful - be they start-ups, scale-ups or corporations - when their strategy is fully understood, accepted and internalized by each and every employee. Due to her university background in science, Julia combines analytics and precision with the ability to bring people together and to motivate them to their utmost potential. Management teams and executives in international companies value her skills in prioritizing and straightforward communication.

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Julia von Dewitz

Kathrin Purucker

Kathrin Purucker is an experienced consultant, entrepreneur and executive coach. As a consultant, she is familiar with the start-up & corporate environment and offers methodical knowhow and the toolkit that is needed for sustainable implementation and change. As an entrepreneur, Kathrin knows what it means to assert oneself as a woman in business. As an executive coach, she supports managers in communicating clearly, asserting themselves authentically and radiating self-confidence - especially when it comes to female empowerment.

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Vanessa Hensel

Vanessa Hensel is helping to drive energy transition. As a former investment and fund manager, serial entrepreneur in Deep Tech and partner in a start-up rethinking leadership, her focus is on initiating and developing transformation processes. Her topics: strategy and business development, knowledge transfer and building networks between different players in the disruptive market of decarbonization. Vanessa combines investment know how as well as understanding of new business models and value chains with deal making expertise. She draws from her strong network of industry partners, start-ups, scientific thought leaders and the venture capital ecosystem.

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Vanessa Hensel

Merle von Oppen

Merle v. Oppen is a passionate communications consultant, entrepreneur and certified business coach. As a consultant and communications expert, she develops convincing strategic communication concepts, effectively positioning (leadership) personalities as well as companies. Conveying core messages is one of her core strengths. As a business coach, she enables managers and executives to lead their teams both effectively and values-oriented, as well as entire organizations in establishing a motivating, meaningful corporate culture. In 2020, she founded the communications boutique MO:CO.As of 2024, Merle joins NEOFAKTUR as Managing Partner bringing her expertise and thereby growing NEOFAKTUR’s offering.

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Constanze Lattusek

Constanze Latussek is passionate about systemic coaching and consulting during personal and organizational development journeys. How people and organizations can change in such a way that not only themselves, but also those around them benefit is the central question guiding her work. As a long-time manager in business and communications and an experienced entrepreneur, Constanze knows that one can't solve problems with the same mindset that created them in the first place. Her motto: out of the box, into communication and intervention. She combines systemic consulting with her passion for lifelong learning and development.

#energytransition #executivecoaching&sparring #strategy&purpose #hybridleadership&collaboration

Constanze Lattusek